WeldingProducts.ph is an online gateway for those looking to buy welding products and consumables.

Our company specializes in supplying SPECIAL WELDING CONSUMABLES and SILVER BRAZING ALLOY. We are based in the Philippines and accept orders from anywhere in the country. If you are outside the Philippines, you may send us a message via the contact form below so that we could work something out.

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About us

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WeldingProducts.ph Company Update

Our company has gone through several changes which we are informing the public via this web post. Our company, formerly known as MAGGI.COM Industrial Supplies, has changed its business name to Weldmart Philippines Inc. This change will be reflected throughout the website. There are also other internal changes to the company. Rest assured these changes […]


Welcome to WeldingProducts.ph!

Welcome to our brand new website! This site is actually a work in progress. But to give you an overview, this site was created to cater to the needs of those looking for welding products online. Our physical channels stay intact (phone, fax, etc…) but we wanted to add another channel where you can easily […]

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